Alexander Tsapin

Country Manager of SOTIO, LLC in Russia

Alexander graduated from Columbia University, USA (M.I.A.), and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Moscow State University. Prior to joining SOTIO he was working for the PPF Group since June 2007. His responsibilities included deal generation and due diligence, transaction structuring, negotiations, post-investment and exit management. Within the Group, Alexander was responsible for management of the project in telecommunication sector in Ukraine, and was also involved in a number of other transactions in various sectors (consumer durables retail, insurance, real estate). His previous career experience included senior management and research positions in international and Russian companies, such as Pioneer Group, Inc. (US), World Bank (Washington, D.C.), Horizon Investment Company and Moscow State University.

Alexander joined SOTIO in November 2012, and he is responsible for management of SOTIO operations in Russia.