Our capabilities

PPF Group has a vision to build a diversified biotechnology portfolio of innovative therapies in oncology. Since 2012, PPF has been building its presence in the biotech sector and made several deals, adding promising assets to its pipeline. With more than 360 employees in its portfolio of biotech companies, PPF has built a strong team with significant expertise essential for successful development of novel therapies.

Highlights of PPF’s biotechnology capabilities

Updated 8/2016

  • Global footprint: The biotechnology presence of PPF includes the United States, Europe, China and Russia. SOTIO is currently running an international Phase III clinical trial in the United States and Europe as well as multiple Phase II studies in selected EU countries. Multiple pre-clinical projects in PPF’s portfolio are advancing through preclinical development to enter the clinic soon.
  • Financial strength: PPF Group is one of the largest investment groups in Central and Eastern Europe, investing across multiple industries including biotechnology, with total assets in excess of EUR 21.3 billion (as of June 2015).
  • Focus on partnerships: PPF is currently building its biotechnology portfolio and seeks to add new innovative oncology therapies to its pipeline, with SOTIO leading this effort. PPF and SOTIO are providing expertise and financial resources to each partnership and asset.
  • Current portfolio: In addition to SOTIO, PPF has added to its portfolio companies such as OriBase Pharma, Cytune Pharma and Accord Research.
  • Areas of expertise: An integrated development expertise has been built, including in-house research, early & late stage clinical development and operations capabilities, GMP facilities for manufacturing of personalized cellular immunotherapies, regulatory expertise, global logistics, financial and commercial planning, which can be leveraged in a partnership.