Phase I/II Clinical Trial - Lung Cancer

In December 2014, SOTIO launched a Phase I/II clinical trial to assess the use of active cellular immunotherapy (DCVAC/LuCa) combined with standard treatment in patients with advanced lung cancer.

SOTIO’s clinical trial is conducted at medical centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The clinical trial is focused on patients with non-small cell lung cancer. Recruitment to this clinical trial is now completed.

Description of Phase I/II Lung cancer clinical trial

Clinical Trial SLU01 (Eudra CT: 2014-003084-37) is a randomized, open-label, three-arm, parallel group,  multi-center Phase I/II clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of  DCVAC/LuCa added to standard first line chemotherapy with carboplatin and paclitaxel +/- immune enhancers in patients with stage IV non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC).  This clinical trial started in December 2014, recruitment was completed in November 2016. In total, 112 patients were enrolled.

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List of active participating Medical Centers – SLU01

Medical Center AddressDepartmentClinical
Trial Number
Fakultní nemocnice Brno

Jihlavská 20, Brno
625 00, Czech Republic

Turberculosis and Respiratory Disease Clinic SLU01
Fakultní nemocnice Hradec Králové

Sokolská 581, Hradec Králové,
500 05, Czech Republic

Pulmonary Clinic
Onkologie Avicennus s.r.o. Kouřimská 915, Kutná Hora,
284 01, Czech Republic
Oblastní nemocnice Náchod a.s. Purkyňova 446, Náchod, 
547 69, Czech Republic
Clinical Oncology   SLU01
Fakultní nemocnice Olomouc I.P.Pavlova 6, Olomouc,
775 20, Czech Republic
Turberculosis and Respiratory Disease Clinic SLU01
Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava 17. listopadu 1790,
708 52, Czech Republic
Turberculosis and Respiratory Disease Clinic SLU01
Onkologické centrum Multiscan Pardubice Kyjevská 44,  Pardubice,
530 03, Czech Republic

Fakultní nemocnice Plzeň
Edvarda Beneše 1128/13, Plzeň-Bory,
305 99, Czech Republic
Department of Pneumology and phthisiology SLU01
Oblastní nemocnice Příbram Gen. R. Tesaříka 80, 
Příbram I, 
261 01, Czech Republic
Oncology SLU01
Fakultní nemocnice v Motole V Úvalu 84, Praha 5,
150 06, Czech Republic
Department of Pneumology SLU01
Thomayerova nemocnice Vídeňská 800, Praha 4-Krč,
140 59, Czech Republic
Department of Respiratory Medicine of Charles University Medical School I SLU01
Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice Karlovo náměstí 32, Praha 2,
128 08, Czech Republic
Clinic of Oncology SLU01 
Masarykova nemocnice Ústí nad Labem Sociální péče 3316/12A,Ústí nad Labem
401 13, Czech Republic
Department of Pneumology SLU01 
Východoslovenský onkologický ústav

Rastislavova 785/43, Košice
040 01, Slovakia

Department of Clinical oncology SLU01
POKO Poprad s.r.o.

Mnoheľova 2, Poprad
058 01, Slovakia 

Slovak Research Center
Medeon s.r.o.- Onkologická ambulancia 
Kamenná 26, Banka
92101 Piešťany, Slovakia
Medeon s.r.o.-Oncology Ambulance SLU01