SOTIO’s research focuses on cancer immunotherapy and the application of new therapeutic procedures in medical practice. Its research projects are aimed at gaining an understanding of the processes in the body that decide the active immune reaction against tumor cells, and the resultant use in the development of drugs to induce an anti-tumor response in the patient’s immune system.

In recent years, research has established that the human immune system is able to recognize tumor cells and purposefully destroy them. Drugs that use active cellular immunotherapy can break down the tolerance of the patient to tumor cells and activate its immune system to control the growth of tumor cells. To stimulate this immune response effectively, the antigens of tumor cells must be presented inside the lymph nodes by antigen-presenting cells. The most efficient type of these are dendritic cells (DC), i.e. the most potent cells that are able to activate naive T-lymphocytes, and in this way trigger a specific immune response.

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