BD Strategy

SOTIO is part of PPF Group, one of the largest investment groups in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2012, PPF made a strategic decision to enter the biotechnology sector. PPF has a vision to build a diversified biotech portfolio of innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer.

What we are looking for

SOTIO aims to become a diverse oncology specialty pharma company. We seek to add to our portfolio innovative therapeutic projects in oncology with a focus on programs that are at advanced preclinical or clinical stage. We are looking for differentiated drugs of different modalities (small molecules, biologics, cell therapies, etc.) that have the potential to make a real difference for patients suffering from cancer.

We consider each deal to be unique and we are open to various deal structures:

  • Collaborations
  • In-licensing
  • Minority investments
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

As collaborators, we are able to contribute not only financial resources but also clinical and regulatory expertise to rapidly drive preclinical and clinical development of the partnered assets. For more information please visit Our capabilities section.

Please contact our Business Development Team here.

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