List Of Publications

A. Buqué, N. Bloy, F. Aranda, I. Cremer, A. Eggermont, W.H. Fridman, J. Fučíková, J. Galon, R. Špíšek, E. Tartour, L. Zitvogel, G. Kroemer, L Galluzzi

Trial Watch-Small molecules targeting the immunological tumor microenvironment for cancer therapy.

Oncoimmunology. 2016 Mar 10;5(6):e1149674.

J. Fučíková, E. Becht, K. Iribarren, J. Goc, R. Remark, D. Damotte, M. Alifano, P. Devi, J. Biton, C. Germain, A. Lupo, W. H. Fridman, M. C. Dieu-Nosjean, G. Kroemer, C. Sautès-Fridman, I. Cremer

Calreticulin Expression in Human Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers Correlates with Increased Accumulation of Antitumor Immune Cells and Favorable Prognosis.

Cancer Res. 2016 Feb 3. [Epub ahead of print]

J. Fučíková, J. Bartůňková, R. Špíšek

The Concept of Immunogenic Cell Death in Antitumor Immunity

Klin Onkol. 2015;28 Suppl 4:4S48-55.
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