Cytune Pharma

Cytune Pharma, based in Nantes, France, is a biotech company dedicated to the research and development of a portfolio of novel immunotherapeutic agents, which expand and activate immune responses to treat advanced cancers. Cytune Pharma leverages the superagonist activity of the critical immune factor IL-15, when complexed with the IL-15Rα chain. Its proprietary lead product, RLI15, is a human fusion protein of IL-15 and the high-affinity binding domain of IL-15Rα. Cytune is also developing RLI15-based immunocytokines, where RLI 15 is fused to anti-tumor antibodies. The Cytune technology originates from the academic team of Dr Yannick Jacques at the Inserm unit U892 of Nantes, France. PPF Group invested in Cytune Pharma in February 2015 and later in June 2016 (see the press releases here and here). Since the start of a collaboration between Cytune and SOTIO, the RLI15 program is referred to as SO-C101.

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