PPF Group

As part of PPF Group, SOTIO closely cooperates with its sister companies active in clinical services and research – Accord Research and OriBase Pharma. 

PPF Group invests into multiple market segments such as banking and financial services, telecommunications, real estate, retail, insurance, agriculture and biotechnology. PPF's reach spans from Europe to Russia, the USA and across Asia. PPF Group owns assets of EUR 21.9 billion (as at 31 December 2014).


Accord Research is an independent Clinical Research Organization (CRO) fully incorporated into the PPF Group. The company is focused on highly specialized services in the drug development process. It is primarily dedicated to provide clinical research services for PPF’s biotechnology company SOTIO. Accord continues to provide CRO services for third party clients. The Accord Research staff have extensive experience in the clinical research setting with well over twenty years covering many different therapeutic indications.

Clinical expertise and services

Accord Research team offer a complete, full service, solution for clinical research Phases I – IV. Its services are focused on all aspects of clinical research from the protocol development, project execution and final report preparation. The company is operating in Europe and USA with its own employees or on the basis of a long term subcontracted cooperation.

Accord Research conducts business to the highest ICH GCP standards confirmed by various international audits. For more information please visit: www.accord-research.com.


OriBase Pharma is dedicated to the discovery & early development of targeted therapies for indications with high and unmet medical needs in oncology.


OriBase Pharma is differentiated by its proven technology of accelerating/improving the Drug Discovery process through to preclinical stage. HitFast Discovery®, its innovative proprietary platform, consists of a fully integrated and iterative process to identify potent & patentable molecules, based on a very accurate « de novo » design combined to in-house developed and owned medicinal chemistry processes.

Drug Discovery Paradigm

The in-house platform is used to selectively identify and optimize new molecules, through a « Guided /Smart selection » of drugs with Inhibitory profile against multiple kinase targets involved in several pathological mechanisms.

Disease strategy

Company positioning is essentially on the development of Improved and “Clean” Multi-Target Kinase Inhibitors (MTKI) in oncology, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. For strategic reasons, OriBase Pharma decided to focus initially on aggressive cancers with high unmet medical needs. For more information please visit: www.oribase-pharma.com.


PPF Group also owns a significant minority stake in Cytune Pharma, a French biotechnology company focused on researching and developing new therapies for immune modulation aimed at enhancing immune response of patients suffering from cancer and infectious diseases. Cytune’s platform based on modified IL-15 offers the possibility of combinations with other immunotherapeutic strategies, including checkpoint inhibitors. For more information please visit: www.cytunepharma.com.