The company

Office in Prague, Czech Republic

SOTIO is a biotechnology company that is developing a next generation Active Cellular Immunotherapy (“ACI”), focusing on the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. The company is in the process of developing new medical therapies using an immunotherapy platform based on activated dendritic cells with the view to significantly improving these treatments and making them available to patients.

Pre-eminent scientists from the Czech Republic work at SOTIO’s world-class research facility in Prague aiming to better understand the role of dendritic cells in the therapeutic activation of the body’s immune response and to verify their effectiveness in clinical trials.

SOTIO closely cooperates with the Department of  Immunology of the 2nd Medical School of Charles University and with the Motol University Hospital, both based in Prague. Members of SOTIO’s Expert Committee – leading clinicians in the field of immunotherapy and genitourinary cancer care – are involved in the preparation and implementation of these clinical trials.

SOTIO’s philosophy of research into Active Cellular Immunotherapy (“ACI”) for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases is based on the following:

  • Use of SOTIO’s proprietary ACI-MAP (Active Cellular Immunotherapy Multiple Antigen Presentation) technology. Following this proprietary method, the patient’s own dendritic cells are activated by a broad range of tumor antigens that induce a complex immune response.
  • Concept of combination therapy. While immunotherapy alone is best suited for early stage patients, we believe that advanced cancer reguires multiple treatments to be orchestrated in a synergistic way to control disease progression.
  • Long-term boosting of the immune response. SOTIO’s ACIs involve treating the patient every 3 to 6 weeks for more than one year. This concept is supported by experimental evidence and clinical observations that antitumor immune responses are short lived and repeated boosting is necessary to maintain high frequencies of tumor specific T cells.

The combination of the above-mentioned principles is expected to result in more effective Active Cellular Immunotherapy for those patients who have limited treatment options.

Medicinal product development

SOTIO is currently focused on developing a new medicinal product, named DCVAC/PCa, for prostate cancer patients. The Phase I and Phase II clinical trials, already involving several hundred patients with prostate cancer at various stages, indicate promising preliminary results. In 2014, SOTIO will continue to investigating the safety and efficacy of this treatment in a Phase III VIABLE global clinical trial that will include more than one thousand patients from various European countries and the US. 

SOTIO is also preparing the launch of three Phase II clinical trials to assess the use of its ACI combined with the standard of care in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer (DCVAC/OvCa).

The company is also undertaking early-stage research geared towards the use of an ACI in the treatment of lung cancer (DCVAC/LuCa) and plans to launch Phase I clinical trials soon.

Laboratories and production facilities

In 2011, SOTIO built its own cell therapy manufacturing and research facility that are among the most modern in Europe. These laboratories meet the highest regulatory standards world-wide for the sterile production of  cellular based medicinal products. The manufacturing process has been certified to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

The location of the laboratories in Prague expedites the transport of SOTIO’s products throughout Europe.

With a view to serving the North American continent, SOTIO, LLC (US), a part of the SOTIO Group, and Progenitor Cell Therapy, LLC (“PCT”) of the NeoStem Group, which specialises in the production of cell preparations, entered into an agreement on the use of PCT’s production capacities.

In China, SOTIO is currently building laboratories and back offices in a biotechnology park in the southern part of Beijing.

Part of PPF Group

SOTIO is a part of PPF Group, one of the largest investment groups in Central and Eastern Europe (for further information please see

SOTIO Brochure, 2013